04 January

NJ GMIS Announces New Officers

We are pleased to announce the results of the recent officer elections for NJ-GMIS. Thanks to those who voted.  We hope you will all stay involved as much as you can. Further announcements will be…

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31 December

Weekly Tech Update: May 31, 2016

Will a Floating Data Center Become the Future of Data Hosting? A data center built by Nautilus Technologies would pump water from the Stockton Deep Water Channel at a maximum rate of 3,000 to 4,500…

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29 December

Weekly Tech Update – January 29, 2016

3 Steps Governments Must Take to Succeed in a Digital World We should use technology to improve what the institution does, building societal value and public support. Michigan Bill Seeks FOIA Exemption for Energy Infrastructure,…

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28 December

2017 Technology Education Conference

Join NJ-GMIS for our 8th Annual Technology Education Conference on April 6, 2017. To download the 2017 Exhibitor Packet, Click here!

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NJ GMIS Announces New Officers https://t.co/MtRdVQCzEh
NJGMIS members receive VIP tour of the ROIC https://t.co/qCXw1iI7nP
Cyber Security Briefing from the NJ-CCIC and Vendor Security Presentations https://t.co/QlfbnHe8VQ https://t.co/WoJskDVWUb
2017 Technology Education Conference https://t.co/r37DYj12KW
Weekly Tech Update: August 30, 2016 https://t.co/Y8utBR38lD
Professional Excellence Award @GMISInt https://t.co/AZoQuJ4TB4
G2G awarded @GMISInt https://t.co/38hyLz05Uv
Excited and proud to host @GMISInt in NJ at Atlantic City #DOAC
NJ IT Companies Show Wares at Annual GMIS NJ Conference, Part Two https://t.co/VgjEUWooVY https://t.co/9NOtHBZecm
Municipal and County IT Leaders Get Tips on Protecting Against Cyber Threats at NJ-GMIS Conference https://t.co/ozX5UBKBb9