23 May

Weekly Tech Update: May 23, 2016

4 Issues Government Should Consider Before Chasing the Cloud From unexpected costs to unplanned exit strategies, government and industry experts discussed the major concerns impacting a move to the cloud at the Florida Digital Government…

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20 May

Weekly Tech Update: May 17, 2016

Does Social Media Help the Government-Citizen Relationship? Depends Who You Ask Government agencies are turning to social media as a new way to engage with their constituencies. Practitioners in the trenches are excited about the…

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20 May

Weekly Tech Update: May 10, 2016

Local Governments: Attractive Targets for Cybercriminals? Cities and counties are attractive targets in part because they’re connected to state systems or other large networks. State Technology Leaders Focus on Procurement, Cybersecurity and Agile The National…

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20 May

Weekly Tech Update – May 3, 2016

New Jersey Takes Consolidated, Fusion Center-Style Approach to Cybersecurity New Jersey is perhaps best known for the “Parkway” and former presidential hopeful Gov. Chris Christie. But some might argue that it should be getting attention…

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Upcoming Event

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