07 June

Weekly Tech Update: June 7, 2016

Good Questions Regarding Online Threats What are the top cyberthreats currently impacting public- and private-sector enterprises? Here are the questions that cybersecurity industry experts are talking about. Federal Agencies Call for Aid at National Day…

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31 May

Weekly Tech Update: May 31, 2016

Will a Floating Data Center Become the Future of Data Hosting? A data center built by Nautilus Technologies would pump water from the Stockton Deep Water Channel at a maximum rate of 3,000 to 4,500…

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23 May

Weekly Tech Update: May 23, 2016

4 Issues Government Should Consider Before Chasing the Cloud From unexpected costs to unplanned exit strategies, government and industry experts discussed the major concerns impacting a move to the cloud at the Florida Digital Government…

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20 May

Weekly Tech Update: May 17, 2016

Does Social Media Help the Government-Citizen Relationship? Depends Who You Ask Government agencies are turning to social media as a new way to engage with their constituencies. Practitioners in the trenches are excited about the…

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Upcoming Event

Upcoming Event

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NJGMIS welcomes Det. Thomas Porto of Fort Lee PD as Law Enforcement Chair to the Board. https://t.co/ezxZB03KLk
Weekly Tech Update: June 7, 2016 https://t.co/BJsUEcm182
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Weekly Tech Update: May 23, 2016 https://t.co/qOyr4BKNNt
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