Infobox (Knob)

You can set Foreground & Background Colors and Thickness 

Example #1
Example #2
Example #3
Example #4

Google Maps

Unlimited Polylines and Markers! 

Slider C-2

Brand New Concept Slider! 

Slider support four title positions!
You can see other slider features on next slides..
You can change also title colors easily!
and slider thumbnail, take a look bottom..
Many new features on Cacoon Concept Slider Two!


You can create amazing sliders! 

[layerslider id="2"]

Cacoon v2

Check another awesome features! 

New Filterable Portfolio Layout 1 Check Now!

with 5 different thumbnail effects..

- NEW Feature: Infobox (Knob) improved, Foreground, Background Color And Thickness options added.
- NEW Feature: Google Maps widget improved, unlimited polyline and markers option added with customization
- NEW Feature: You can disable search bar on main navigation
- NEW Feature: Slider Concept Two Added with many features
- NEW Feature: LayerSlider included
- NEW Feature: Flicker Widget
- NEW Feature: Page Builder Rich Text editor (CKEditor)
- NEW Feature: Two portfolio layout with 5 different tumbnail effect and isotope filtering
- NEW Feature: CSS Widget added on pagebuilder
- NEW Feature: HTML5 Video and HTML5 Audio post types
- Fixed: Gallery lightbox title on bottom left
- Fixed: Portfolio detail meta data problem
- Fixed: Portfolio Listing element filter by category option
- Fixed: Portfolio Block element filter by category option
- Fixed: Retina logo problem
- Fixed: Mobile responsive menu now bottom of logo 100% width
- Fixed: InboxBox (Photo) 100% fill problem
- Fixed: Header logo centering improved
- Fixed: Dropdown menu items are now have dynamic width
- Fixed: Page header sub header nowrap removed
- Fixed: Safari/Chrome(webkit) Menu Problems
- Fixed: Portfolio share vertical centering
- Fixed: Google maps zoom tools problem
- Fixed: Main navigation hove color change problem
- Updated: gmaps.js (v0.4.4)

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