4th Annual
NJ-GMIS Cyber Security Seminar


Thank you to all who attended the 4th Annual NJ-GMIS Cyber Security Seminar!  Public sector technology professionals, private sector solution providers, TCNJ faculty and students joined together to discuss best practices to protect against threats, the current landscape of specific threats, public and private resources available to the public sector, and what steps to take if a breach occurs. 

We hope that you enjoyed the seminar!
Mark your calendar to join us at the NJ-GMIS Technology Education Conference, April 2, 2020.



9:00 am:   Getting Hacked, Janice Zelnock – IT Director, Brick Township MUA
10:00 am: NJCCIC Update, Krista Valenzuela – Senior Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, NJCCIC
11:00 am: Current Cyber Threats from an FBI Techie, Chris Baker – Task Force Officer, FBI (presentation coming soon)
12:00 pm: A Ransomware Attack Case Study, Mike McClintock – IT Director, Atlantic County Utilities Authority






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