2017 NJ GMIS Technology Education Conference

Session Information

8:30 – 9:30 am

Cyber Threat Overview

Lt. Christopher Kay, Unit Head, NJSP Cyber Threat Intelligence Unit, NJ-CCIC
Marc Pfeiffer, Assistant Director, Bloustein Local Government Research Center

At the top of every technology manager’s worry list is the never-ending evolution of cyber security risks. Today’s threats are different from two years ago, or even last year.  In this session, our experts will discuss the range of today’s threats and the core actions agencies should take to address them.

Purchasing Technology – State of the Contracts

Lynne Gash, Contract Administrator, Office of Information Technology
Brian Gallagher, Procurement Specialist, Division of Purchase and Property
Gerald Reiner, Purchasing Agent, County of Bergen
Patrick Moran, Business Administrator, Educational Services Commission of NJ
Corinne Steinmetz, School Business Administrator, Hunterdon County Educational Services Commission
Doreen Pirozzi, Co-op Program Manager, Hunterdon County Educational Services Commission

The resources available to technologists and their purchasing agents continues to evolve and improve. Our presenters will provide updates on technology contacts administered by state government and the two primary educational service commissions, and a qualified purchasing agent will discuss the purchasing procedures involved in using them.

Managing Digital Communications Practices

Robert Charkowsky, Digital Media Director, Union County
Jamie Klenetsky Fay, Digital Media Manager, County of Morris

The role of social media is expanding how local government engages the public and evolving into the field of digital communications; how and when governments use a full range of digital tools to communicate with various sectors of the public. This session will review the current state of the practice, discuss the tools and practices used to communicate government information to the public.

Public School/Law Enforcement Crisis Mitigation/Management System

Matt Mathan, MBA, GISP, Bureau Chief, Bureau of GIS, Department of Public Works, County of Union
Helena Dimitrov, Senior Project Controls Manager, Division of Engineering, County of Union

Overview of individual crisis management/mitigation plans for 230 Union County public and private schools developed in partnership with county GIS and  local police and the county prosecutor’s office. Four major GIS components are connected with document linking and sharing system. Every floor plan of every school by the floor is georeferenced with labels of every important room on top of a military grid with live tracking of any responder from their mobile device.  


10:00 – 11:15 am

Reflections of a Government Techie

Dr. Eward Felten, Director, Center for Information Technology Policy, Princeton University,
Former Deputy US Chief Technology Officer, White House Office of Science and Technology

During his tenure at the White House and also as CTO of the Federal Trade Commission, Dr. Felten has acquired broad expertise in cyber security and technology use issues, including the challenges of electronic voting machines. He will discuss his experiences in the federal government, the challenges new technology pose to governments and observations about how government can improve its use of technology. 

11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Spatial Data Logic: Best Practices for Implementing Municipal Software Throughout Multiple Departments: A Vendor’s Perspective

Jack Flood, Vice President, Spatial Data Logic

Spatial Data Logic will address the most crucial elements for a municipality to maintain throughout the process of implementing new software. Through the situations observed as a vendor, common elements tend to hinder the process of smoothly implementing a new software system. Therefore, there are important elements to keep in mind as a municipality in order to ensure that the transition from one system to another is as seamless as possible.

Johnston Communications Presentation: How to Improve Technology While Achieving Cost Savings

Florence Sollo, Director of Sales, Johnston Communications
George Sode, Sales Executive, Johnston Communications

CDI Presentation: Cloud Networking for Your Public Sector IT Environment

Chris Clark, Director of Public Sector, Computer Design & Integration LLC
Matthew Schaner, Product Sales Specialist, Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is changing the face of the industry with innovative Cloud Networking. Meraki offers Wireless, Switching, Security, Voice, Surveillance Cameras and MDM, all managed seamlessly through a single pane of glass. Gone are the days of confusing configurations and time consuming troubleshooting – Meraki is designed to be simple to manage, quick to deploy, and offers in depth analytics and tools to help keep your network running effectively and efficiently. Learn how Computer Design & Integration LLC (CDI LLC) and Cisco Meraki can implement Meraki technology to enhance your public sector IT environment.


Chris Clark, senior account manager at Computer Design & Integration LLC, is a highly skilled and versatile technical and business professional with over 20 years of management and leadership experience. Clark’s primary focus falls within CDI’s public sector practice. In this role, he is responsible for delivering cost-effective services and scalable solutions for state and local government and education. As a professional with an eye for addressing modern IT needs for the 21st century environment, Clark’s attention to detail allows for deployment of fully integrated converged infrastructure, security, data center, business continuity and virtualization solutions across large-scale environments.

Matthew Schaner, Product Sales Specialist, Cisco Meraki, is a proven performer with excellent leadership ability, strong communication / public speaking skills, and comprehensive knowledge of networking and cutting-edge technologies. With expertise in education and government development, public sector procurement, solution and architectural selling – he has been described as a dynamic, engaging presenter and a trusted advisor. Matthew is currently a product sales specialist, covering the Meraki product line in New Jersey and is a graduate of Lehigh University.

SHI Presentation: Today’s Security Landscape: Threats, Trends, and Evolving Security Controls

Darren Carroll, Director, Security & Risk Management Practice, SHI

Looking at how malicious actors operate (and why) will underscore what technical and administrative controls could and should be in place to help identify and remediate threats against today’s network environments. In this session, we’ll talk about threats, trends, procedures, and lessons learned from a lifetime in Information Security.

With over 26 years of experience, Darren is a risk management and information security leader with diverse experience in operational, technical, management, and architecture roles. Throughout his career, Darren has provided consultative thought leadership, strategic direction, and tactical response to multiple federal, state, and local agencies, most of the Fortune 100 and hundreds of mid-sized enterprises. His expertise focuses on information security and business continuity solutions, with a deep emphasis on Critical Infrastructure, He has extensive experience defining, developing, and delivering information security solutions, including security and privacy program development, policy and procedure development, review, and alignment, security assessments, vulnerability management solutions, security operations center development, and architectural design,. As part of his architectural experience, he has designed and delivered global network and telecommunications infrastructures, unified communications, storage and virtualization platforms, firewalls, security assessment tools, intrusion detection and protection systems, encryption systems, and security information and event management systems. Darren’s role in leading the Global Cybersecurity SME team had him providing both strategic and tactical leadership around Information Security and Risk & Compliance, providing customer-facing subject matter expertise on information security, threat intelligence and analytics, governance, risk, and compliance, aligning compliance and regulatory frameworks to business needs, and perform project delivery for GRC services (requirements definition, data gathering, gap analysis, remediation roadmap, etc).

1:30 – 2:25 pm
Gold Sponsor Session: Alliant Technologies: Reimagine your IT Infrastructure to Focus on Simplicity, Predicable Budgets and Innovation that Drives Change

Bruce Flitcroft, CEO, Alliant Technologies

IT leaders in government and regulated industries are faced with unique challenges including complex legacy environments, unplanned turnover and funding limitations. Alliant’s revolutionary utility model delivers exceptional, global IT infrastructure that’s simpler, more flexible, has fewer defects, and costs less to operate than traditional models. It’s time you change the way you think about your IT infrastructure so you can focus on the new technologies and solutions that meet your business objectives. 

Bruce Flitcroft is Alliant Technologies’ CEO and founder. Bruce isn’t just a leader in the industry, he’s redefining it. In a time where doing business can be so over-litigated, over-complicated, and inefficient, Bruce is forging forward with his vision of fearless innovation. In the nearly two decades since he founded successful IT service provider Alliant Technologies combined with the ten years prior he spent running AlphaNet, Bruce’s vision has driven a fundamental shift in the methodology behind optimal network management. He’s knows that simply being good isn’t good enough. You must dare to be better, dare to be different. Bruce’s vision has driven a fundamental shift in the methodology behind optimal network management. Alliant Technologies’ utility consumption model manages the millions of components that make up a network, ensures maximum environment functionality and uptime, turns cyclical budgets into predictable expenses, and provides a proactively planned technology refresh. It isn’t just innovative; it enables the people we do business with to get innovating again. When he’s not driving fearless innovation with his leadership, Bruce enjoys a bit of adventure by exploring different parts of the world with his family. He has a passion for cars; a pastime that stems from his great appreciation for high performance and craftsmanship. Bruce has a green thumb, too. After all, true leaders know that you have to roll up your sleeves in order to grow something great.

1:30 – 2:30 pm


Seamless Docs Presentation: The Journey to Seamless Government

Jonathon Ende, Founder and CEO, Seamless Docs

The first step of any government process requires a form. For a citizen to do virtually anything through local government requires the filling out, signing and submitting of a form. Up till now, those forms have been paper-based or PDF forms that had to be downloaded, printed, faxed or even mailed into City Hall, draining the government of time and resources, and forcing the citizen to take time out of their busy schedules. Enter SeamlessGov. SeamlessGov solves those internal inefficiencies and resource waste with a next generation form engine, allowing those same PDF forms to be converted into cloud-based, online versions that can be submitted with eSignatures, attachments and even payments.

Join us for The Journey to Seamless Government as we take you through how municipalities such as Princeton, Somerville and Jersey City, NJ have transformed their processes and gone paperless. CEO & Founder Jonathon Ende will lead the session. Jonathon completed Code for America and was also honored by NextCity Vanguards, Urban.us, NYC Venture Fellows and the UK government for his work in changing government. He is a trailblazer in the Govtech space and is committed to building a platform that is easy to procure and enables better government.

Avaya Presentation: Avaya Equinox – Communications, For, How and Where We Work

Billy Smith, Systems Engineer GEM, Avaya

Avaya is redefining unified communications to be your natural, convenient way to engage, respond, and share. We put UC in the applications, browsers, and devices that people use every day. With the Avaya Equinox™ Experience, communication just got simple, transparent, in context, and user defined. To help mobile users stay on top of interactions, Avaya Equinox design includes action-oriented workflows and an intuitive, top-of-mind status. All communications are in one place, so you can quickly see meetings, messages, communications history. Take immediate action with one touch. Even on mobile, there’s zero compromise: HD video and voice deliver clarity. Remote access works without VPN connectivity. Voice and video are reliable and secure on any device, anywhere. Telephony features include one-number reach. And multiple devices can be used simultaneously when needed. Optimized to the device—mobile, tablet, browser, desktop—the experience enables additional capabilities while maintaining mobile simplicity.

Mojo Networks Presentation: Cognitive WiFi:  Using Automation and Network Intelligence to Maintain Highly-Optimized WiFi Networks at School Districts

John Garrison, Systems Engineer, Mojo Networks

For many WiFi administrators, troubleshooting WiFi can become a wild goose chase of gathering data from users and devices, sifting through reams of logs and packet captures, and struggling to gain clarity through transient conditions.  Many “wireless problems” are not even wireless problems at all, but issues affecting other systems like DNS, DHCP, authentication and upstream network congestion.  The next generation of WiFi harnesses the power of the cloud and big data analytics to automate this process and illuminate what is a wireless problem — and what isn’t.  Join us for this session as we discuss how Cognitive WiFi gives your WiFi administrator the time and knowledge to be proactive instead of reactive – and a way to save time and money.

Pure Storage Presentation: The All-Flash Data Center Is Here

Andy Bonomo, Systems Engineer, Pure Storage

Modernizing your data center infrastructure can be a daunting challenge, but swift and dramatic improvements can be achieved by adopting modern, all-flash storage. Such strategic investments must be designed to support a broad set of use cases as they are amortized over a long period of time. Find out how Pure Storage can pave the way for your organization to provide greater scale to applications, IT operations and overall data center capacity. Flash adoption carries the promise to transform organizations and agencies, allowing greater insight into information, streamlining operations and accelerating new and innovate IT services, all while reducing your data center footprint.

Andy Bonomo is a Senior Systems Engineer for Pure Storage. His primary role is providing technical solutions and expertise to the New Jersey Public Sector. Andy has over 25 years of IT experience as both a customer and vendor and understands the challenges that operating a data center can face.

Verizon Presentation: It’s  Becoming More and More A Wireless World!

Steve Weiss, Manager, New Jersey Real Estate, Verizon Wireless

It’s becoming more and more a wireless world! Hear about small cells, network nodes, ODAS and how their deployment is important for your connectivity.

Cisco Presentation: There Has Never Been a Better Time to Build a Smarter Community with IOT

Anne Froble, Public Sector Client and Market Development, Smart and Connected Communities

Communities and cities worldwide are increasingly aware of the growing digital technology revolution. Many have already begun their own digital transformation journeys as they recognize the enormous potential and the unprecedented opportunities made possible by the rapid adoption of network connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Digital innovation requires a combined understanding of government, citizen, and business processes to apply the appropriate networking technology strategies and architectures that connect everything—people, data, actions, devices, machines—as well as embrace analytics and take a holistic approach to data security and privacy that spans technology, operations, and culture.

There are many challenges along a transformational journey… learn more to address the evolving challenges that cities face and the milestones along their digital journeys. 

Digital transformation—when done well—can benefit government leaders, urban operators, local businesses, city residents, and visitors alike by easing the delivery and management of public services and creating vibrant, lively cities.

CivicLive Presentation: Enhancing Citizen Experience through Your Website

Dima Lavrenov, Account Executive, CivicLive

Your citizens look to you for information about city services, community programs, maintenance alerts, breaking news, upcoming events and more. We’re here to help you deliver it all with ease.  Join us for a brief look at CivicLive’s comprehensive website solution that streamlines content management processes – so your staff can easily share and manage two-way communication with your citizens, keeping them informed and engaged with their government. 


Dima Lavrenov is a seasoned account executive at CivicLive with over four years of experience in helping local governments and K-12 districts select and implement effective websites for their communities. Dima has extensive knowledge of government websites and CMS trends, strengthened by his client-first philosophy, which he leverages to help local governments find the best web solutions for their online communication and community engagement needs. 


3:00 – 4:00 pm

Cyber Incident Response Practices

Ken Anderson, Deputy Attorney General, NJ Division of Law
Lt. Cyril Bleistine, Unit Head, NJSP Cyber Crimes Unit
Krista Mazzeo, Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst
Michael Klein, Cyber Operations Analyst

Cyber threats are real, but how we respond to them varies by the attack, agency preparedness, and technical sophistication.  This session will take a deep dive into the technical, management, and legal actions agencies need to take when they’ve sustained a ransomware attack, a data breach, or are suffering a DDoS attack.

Understanding Government Ethics and Conflicts of Interest

Susan Jacobucci, Ed.D, Business Administrator, Borough of Paulsboro
Bernadette Kucharczuk, CIO, City of Jersey City

Understanding Government Ethics and Conflicts of Interest: What happens when a vendor offers you bonus equipment to close an equipment purchase? Can a vendor offer you a price break over the amount in a state contract?  Can you do extra work on a contract with your employer?  Do you have to disclose your finances to your employer?  These and other questions related to the NJ Local Government and Public School Ethics Law, and other laws related to government ethics will be presented by an expert; taking questions from the audience will be integral part of the discussion.

Challenges of eDiscovery in Local Government

Denise Szabo, Municipal Clerk, Bernards Township
Michael W. Herbert, Esq. Parker McCay
Chris Kyriacou, IT Director, Bernards Township

Challenges of eDiscovery in Local Government: Your agency has been sued over actions taken by the governing body. The plaintiff’s attorney’s have filed for electronic discovery for all emails, documents, and social media related to the case.  What are your responsibilities? Are your prepared to respond to an eDiscovery request?  What happens if you can’t?  This session will review the legal requirements faced by agencies when it comes to eDiscovery, the technologies involved in responding, and a case study of what happened to a Township when they got served.


Smart Cities and IoT – What it Means to Municipalities and Counties

Don Sebastian, Ph.D., President, NJ Innovation Institute
Thomas Motyka, Senior Executive Director Smart Infrastructure, NJ Innovation Institute

The advent of the Internet of Things upon us. Wifi and cellular enabled sensors can now track almost anything that affects service delivery. Leading the field in understanding how the IoT affects governments is the N.J. Innovation Institute, an affiliate of the NJ Institute of Technology. We are fortunate to have the NJII President and head of their Smart Infrastructure practice with us to introduce us to the new world of things, sensors, and connectivity and what it means for us.



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