MARCH 25, 2015


Public Sector IT & The Digital Renaissance

On June 18, 1812, the fourth President of the United States, James Madison signed America’s first declaration of war — against Great Britain. The Congress sent the declaration of war to the President for his signature and adjourned WITHOUT appropriating the taxes to pay for the conflict. This may be the first but is by no means the last fiscal disconnect between the will of the people [what the electorate wishes] and the wallet of the people [what the electorate is willing and able to pay for].

The “very special business of democracy” may be seen as a continuing dynamic of balancing wishes, intentions, and aspirations with the costs associated with making the plans and desires of the people a reality. Madison, a primary architect of the framework whereby this nation governs itself himself presciently observed:

“If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.”

Men are not angels. Human nature is quixotic. Representative government is all about making choices.

In the modern world the ability to act efficaciously on structured and unstructured data is existential. Organizations unable to extract signals from digital noise in a timely manner will be eviscerated. Futurist Thornton May will share results of a multi-year, multi-university systematic examination of the future of public sector IT.

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The Palace at Somerset Park, a premier venue for Central New Jersey conferences offers 42,000 square feet of function space located on 30 beautiful landscaped acres in Somerset, New Jersey.

The Palace at Somerset

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Homewood Suites – Hilton

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Comfort Inn & Suites Somerset

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