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The TEC 2014 Keynote Address will be presented by Lieutenant General Jefferson “Beak” Howell, Jr.  J.D. ‘Beak’ Howell is presently an adjunct professor with the Lyndon B. Johnson School for Public Affairs at the University of Texas in Austin. Beak’s impressive resume includes 37 years as an officer in the Marines in which he commanded at all levels: leading infantry platoons of 50+/- Marines, a 250-Marine fighter/attack squadron, a 5,000-person aircraft group, a 15,000-person aircraft wing, and ultimately a Marine force of 80,000+ Marines and sailors.


General Howell will present “Lessons in Leadership” This engaging and informative session will focus on “Beak’s Rules of Leadership” learned and developed over his many years as a Marine and a civilian director. Many of these rules were tested when Lieutenant General Howell took command of The Johnson Space Center with a work force of 15,000 individuals, including hundreds of astronauts and scientists and thousands of engineers. Lt. General Howell was the Director of the Space Center when tragedy fell; the space shuttle Columbia exploded. In this session, Beak will explore his ”Rules of Leadership” that made him an unparalleled commander and manager.





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